Data Science Internship Call seeks a Data Science Intern with a focus on econometrics, eager to innovate in AI-driven market research. Ideal for Master's or PhD candidates, this role demands expertise in survey design, choice modeling, and causal analysis.


  • Survey Design Implementation: Utilize orthogonal, D-efficient, and generator-based designs, translating academic insights into practical applications.
  • Causal Discovery: Code and apply algorithms like the PC algorithm for both global and local causal discovery, moving beyond theoretical knowledge to practical coding proficiency.


  • Expert Knowledge Required: Candidates must demonstrate a strong grasp of the specified techniques, showing the capability to independently navigate and apply complex econometric theories and models.
  • Initiative and Independence: We value candidates who are natural problem solvers, capable of pioneering their projects from concept through to execution, thriving in an environment where challenging conventional wisdom is the norm.


Join us to impact the future of market research through AI, working in a dynamic team dedicated to transforming data into actionable insights. This internship offers a unique chance to contribute to pioneering AI technology that predicts and understands human behavior in unprecedented ways.

Please note - this position is for company equity only, there is no cash component.

Application Guidance:

Targeted at those with a deep commitment to the field of econometrics and causal discovery, only applicants with relevant skills and a proactive approach will be considered.