radically accelerates Market Research by augmenting humans market survey responses with synthetic respondents. By replicating hundreds of published experiments we have proven a 100x cost reduction and 1,000x time reduction vs traditional research methods like consultants and quantitative surveys while maintaining near-human (85% - and growing) accuracy.

Our stack consists of tech like Langchain, Autogen, React, WANDB, Meilisearch, Causalx, Llama, OpenAI, OpenAPI, Cohere, Python, R, hosted on GCP/Azure.

Since we’re 100% remote, you’ll need to be able to be productive in a relatively unstructured, self-directed environment, and you’ll need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills to help keep everyone in sync. You’ll also need to have excellent time management skills.

Join our talented team of AI researchers to help us solve hard problems for our growing user base!


  • Design, test, and tweak the core ML systems that enable image generation, modification, and analysis.
  • Split the awesome, interesting, fun work with the team
  • Split the unglamorous, annoying, dirty work with the team
  • Be both an expert and a team player


  • 5+ years of deep learning experience in a commercial or research environment
  • Experience being the primary researcher responsible for the development, testing, and productization of complex ML models
  • Experience with training large machine learning models
  • Strong background in mathematics (especially linear algebra, differential equations)
  • Familiarity with state-of-the-art generative image models, including diffusion models
  • Experience with JAX or training on TPUs is a strong bonus

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Python, Github, OpenAPI, RabbitMQ, R, Langchain, Autogen, React, WANDB, Meilisearch, Causalx, Llama, OpenAI, OpenAPI, Cohere, GCP & Azure.

To speak with the team, join our Discord here: